ODR 003 – Getting Things Done 2019 Update [Part 3/x]

Original GTD (Gettin’ Sh*t Done) Posts

Switched to Todoist

Massive Action Planning by Tony Robbins

  1. Write down the results you want to achieve. (be specific, quantitate if possible)
  2. Write down your purpose (compelling reasons why you want to accomplish this goal–use trigger words, emotion)
  3. Develop a sequence of priority actions.

or as Carl Pullein discusses, OPA:

Outcome, Purpose, Actions

Inboxes are Deadly

Prune, prune, prune

Use email inbox for everything (shortcut/workflow on ios & boomerang on firefox)

Inbox Zero


Subconscious Cognitive Bandwidth

It is not the time, it is the weight


If anything you do is:

1. Fiddly &

2. Infrequent

Make a checklist

Directly Responsible Person (DRI)

Who is the the DRI directly responsible individual from Jobs/Apple

Problem for Future Homer

Why we don’t care about our future selves

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQvvmT3ab80&w=750]

Now on to the Wee…

7 thoughts on “ODR 003 – Getting Things Done 2019 Update [Part 3/x]”

  1. Well now you’re scaring me.
    It sounds like you aren’t planning to do any more EMCRIT Conferences!

  2. The checklist idea is very compelling, do you have any more information about how you store your checklists and dig them up when you need them Scott (or anyone else who does this)? I’ve looked around at various checklist apps and sites but none seem very suited to critical care. This sort of thing seems like something that would work very well as a collaborative approach as well.

    1. Ole Bjørsvik

      I have one main checkliat for writing the daily report. I’ve written it myself, two columns in Microsoft Word, and I store one copy on Dropbox. Whenever I work at a new place, or a place I rarely visit, I load it down and am ready to work.

      MY TOP ADVICE for checklists: Don’t let a big organisastion write it for you. We used to work multiple computers to run several realtime, remote simulations and planning — in an office. And our boss came with a check list he demanded that we followed. In the top of that list was Health, Safety and Environment. — That we discussed the moose we hadn’t met that thay, the stair we hadn’t fallen in.. The report of these non-events we were obligated to write….
      That list was never used, never left the wall, and was an irritation every day.

  3. Scott,
    What do you use for your daily reading and podcast delivery? I am looking for a unified source to merge journal releases, non-medical articles, and podcasts that I read daily. Any luck on the front?


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