ODR 004 – Email is Not the Problem, You Are! [Email Part 1/X]

The ODR Podcast

On Deeper Reflection is a podcast on making our lives as happy and productive as possible! Today’s episode deals with the bugbear of many in medicine–email.

Part II is now Up as Well

1. Understand the Technology

  • Email is an amazing Technology!
    • Async-Mail
    • Sync-Phone, Telegraph, Text, Chatapps,
    • Email-Asynchronous with instant delivery–but this should not mean instant viewing
  • Philosophy is wrong, not tactics
  • Bad Solutions
    • An article on just keeping emails in inbox misses the entire point. There are only two acceptable solutions and ignoring email is definitely one of them, but inbox zero is the better version of that.
  • Inbox Zero
    • Arrival Rate vs. Departure Rate
    • Every inbox item costs you decision dollars
    • We don’t want to make decisions
  • Too Much Email-No!!!!! Too Much Stuff
  • I Just Check Once Per Day
    • Vs. I set aside time to do Deep Work
    • Analogous to I took Facebook off my phone…

2. Email Should Spark Joy

  • Used to have combined work and home
  • Never, ever do this!!!! Separate Work and Email
  • Work Check Once, while at work or every day depending on your job
  • Horrible human being would email on Friday afternoon with something horrible

3. Don’t treat an async tech as sync

  • Don’t expect or encourage real-time use
  • It is fine to reply right away, but dissuade the belief that you will consistently
  • Pacing

4. Your Email Inbox cannot be your ToDo system

5. Just 1 Touch

  • DoIt
  • SystemIt
  • DelegateIt
  • SaveIt
  • UnsubIt-goes back to brings joy, true joy–not dopamine hit
  • FilterIt
  • Trashit (actually archive)
  • SpamIt
  • Maybe-Bringit Back Services

6. Archive, Don’t Delete

7. Search, Don’t File

8. Inbox Elimination to Keep You Honest

  • Too Many Inboxes
  • Gmail Mailboxes

9. Cut out Back & Forth Steps

10. For Some Use cases, Are Slack/Basecamp/Teams the Solution?

Books to Read

Now on to the Podcast…

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