ODR 006 – Email Part 2 – Tactics & Logistics [Email Part 2/X]

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Email Part 1 – Email is Not the Problem, You Are!

The Joybox

Deep Work

No Email You Don’t Want to See

Turn off email notifications!



    • Touch Once (listen to prior episode)
    • Filter Relentlessly
      • One Email Address but many! Add the dots! Then you can filter based on this
      • Amazon filters to Deliveries App
      • Filter all messages with the word “unsubscribe” into a separate mailbox
    • Do not mark emails as spam UNLESS THEY ARE SPAM
    • Mark Spam Messages as Spam
    • Your Piss Poor Planning is not my Emergency
    • Do not let your email inbox be someone else’s To Do List — Tiago Forte



    • Stop Filing/Foldering
      • Can Actually Link Emails to Your Task Manager
      • Task Management on Calendar will have the link
      • Better Yet, Create a Email Forward to Your Task Manager Inbox
    • Future Homer/Ikigai
    • Avoid the Snooze Button
    • Triage 2 App on IOS


  • Is this the right mode of communication
  • Craft a good, useful subject line
  • BLUF-allows contexual understanding
  • CTA upfront if you are making a pitch,
  • Lose the Steps of Back & Forth
  • Use Autofill and Templates
  • Send Later (Boomerang)
  • Emojis / Emoticons b/c tone is tough to relay
  • Compose Better Emails
  • Use Scheduling Programs
  • Send Less emails if you want less emails
  • One idea per email
  • Short is Better
  • BLUF or TLDR
  • Write email like you speak
  • No Reply Necessary
  • If it is important, do not put in the sender until ready to send
    • Enable undo send in gmail
  • Do not CC unless you need to
    • Don’t Reply All and Take it Off Default
      • If you don’t want the staff to respond to all, put them in as BCC
  • Prune Forwards and Replies
  • When the Subject Changes–Change the Subject


Loop Closure

Auto-Return if no-reply

Eliminate Email-Induced Anxiety



Services Mentioned




Learn Search




Email Bankruptcy

Other Stuff

Have a strong password

Consider 2FA

Never put anything important in your work account

Download and archive work email

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2 thoughts on “ODR 006 – Email Part 2 – Tactics & Logistics [Email Part 2/X]”

  1. Scott !!! I love it !
    Big fan of text expander as well, works great for zoom links, template to recurring topics …
    I will definitively try to improve my email filters and the boundaries with “joy email” and “work email”
    The problem is that when you “work” is full of “joy” … sometimes the 2 blends together quite easily 😉 (old school emoticon to highlight my state of mind here..)
    I took 5min to step back today and ask myself why do i enjoy so much your ODR podcast.
    I think it is because it represents the essence of living life to its fullest, reflecting on everything you do to try to become a better version of yourself. It’s pretty extraordinary to be able to be excited by new ways of dealing with emails… I love it !

    Keep them coming ! Zettelkasten, GTD, Life balance, Saying No, Reference manager workflow…

    BTW, all of you guys need to check Zotero IOS that came out a couple of weeks ago, GAME changer 😉 !!!


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